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Provide and conquer
Can we treat our way out of the epidemic? Edwin J Bernard looks at the promise – and price – of treatment as prevention.

POZ Magazine, July/August 2009

Last November, in the scientific journal The Lancet, The World Health Organization (WHO) argued that putting everyone who is living with HIV on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment could potentially eliminate HIV/AIDS within 50 years. Finding and treating all people living with HIV so that their viral load becomes and stays undetectable, the theory goes, will make them be less infectious and therefore less capable of spreading HIV. 

(Trans)mission impossible?
Why do so many dentists discriminate against HIV-positive people?

AIDS Treatment Update, November 2006

This year, the media has been full of reports describing the extreme difficulties faced by the general public in accessing NHS dental care. But HIV-positive people have been experiencing these difficulties for years, and the problem isn't just limited to NHS dental care. NHS or private, HIV-positive people face a disproportionate amount of discrimination from dentists.Why is it, that when we make it our mission to find a good dentist, it can feel like an almost impossible task? What factors make dentists think twice about treating us - or refusing to treat us at all? And why do dentists discriminate against us - more than any other group of healthcare workers - despite the fact that this kind of discrimination is unethical and outlawed under the Disability Discrimination Act?

Equal access to PEP in UK legal spotlight

aidsmap news feature, April 26, 2006


Next month, an individual will be taking the United Kingdom government to court, accusing it of failing to implement an equitable policy regarding access to lifesaving drugs. It's not the anticancer drug Herceptin that will be under the spotlight this time, but post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) following sexual exposure to HIV.

High Society

POZ Magazine, April 2002

Pristine, progressive Vancouver has a dirty little secret: one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the developed world. Has needle exchange failed this town?


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